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With record high temps already being recorded in parts of the country this Summer, electricity bills are sure to be sky-high for many. What can you do to make sure your energy bills aren’t setting records too? Try incorporating these six tweaks into your daily routine:


Check seals on windows and doors
This should be step one since you can’t conserve A/C usage if half of it is blowing out of your home. Weather stripping and rubber seals for doors and windows are cheap and easy to replace. While you’re at it, you should also check the seals on your doors and freezers to ensure your appliances aren’t working overtime to keep your food cool.


Dial it up!
Don’t panic, we don’t mean all the time. But while you’re away from home, you should aim to turn your A/C up by as much as 10-15 degrees. This little bit can add up significantly in the long run.


Find some shade
If you find that you are often cranking your A/C way down, but still hot, take a look around you. Is your house or apartment getting too much sun? If so, it’s a good idea to keep your curtains drawn during the sunniest parts of the day so your A/C can be as efficient as possible. If you don’t have curtains or blinds, a blanket or foil over the window will do the trick as well.


Plan chores around off-peak hours
Electricity is often cheaper late at night or early in the morning since those are not typical peak usage hours. So, if you have lots of laundry to do or need to run the dishwasher, try scheduling it around off-peak times. A quick google search should give you a good idea of when these times are for your area.


Wash on cold, and air dry
When you do get around to your laundry, try selecting a cool or cold setting as much as possible to mitigate water heating costs. If you have the time and space, air-drying your clothing will also help you save on electricity costs (and as an added bonus, it’s usually better for the clothes too!).


Update your lightbulbs
If you haven’t swapped your lightbulbs for the new energy-efficient types, what are you waiting for! You’ll save money in the long and short-term: the new Energy Star rated bulbs not only last longer, eliminating the need to frequently replace them, but they’ll save you a little bit of money each month on your electricity bill as well.

With these tactics at hand, you’ll be able to offset any energy bill increases from A/C usage this Summer, and hopefully, establish some easy to incorporate habits that will serve you well now and in the future.

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