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Halloween is an exciting holiday for both the young and the young at heart. Children trick or treating in their neighborhoods. Adults attending costume parties. Everyone dressing up to celebrate and have fun while grabbing attention, winning contests, or just provoking a laugh or two.

Wearing a costume doesn’t require a lot of money. All you need are some ideas and suggestions, a little creativity and the desire to make your own! There are a wide variety of DIY costumes—from the simple to the sublime—and we’ve chosen a few of our favorites. Best of all, you can make these costumes quickly and you won’t break the bank in the process.

1. Halloween Bat

diy halloween costume

Whether you’re in the mood to be a winged creature of the night or think one of your children would look adorable trick or treating in something both unique and comfortable, this is a great option. Plus, it’s simple to create especially if you have an old black umbrella laying around the house.

Materials needed:
• Black umbrella
• Black hoodie
• Pliers
• Scissors
• Safety pins or hot glue
• Black tape

Step 1: Take the black umbrella, and using pliers, remove the shorter wires holding the ribs of the umbrella together. Cut the umbrella in half, setting aside the two ribs for your ears, and using the safety pins or hot glue, attach the halves to each arm of the black hoodie.

Step 2: Attached the hinges of the umbrella with black tape.

Step 3: Cut the two ribs you set aside into acute triangles and attach them to the hood of your hoodie for ears. You can combine this top with black sneakers and pants.

2. The Athlete

If you, or someone in your household, is into sports, then going as a superstar athlete might be the simplest and most affordable costume imaginable.

Materials needed:
• Basketball
• Soccer ball
• Football
• Tennis racket
• Jersey
• Shorts
• Sneakers

Step 1: Decide what type of athlete you want to be, based on the equipment, jerseys and shoes you have available.

Step 2: Grab a ball, or a racket, or a golf club to complete your transformation into the superstar you’ve always wanted to be.

3. Mad Scientist

When you’re pulling your hair out and scrambling at the last minute for a costume idea, you’re already halfway to being a “Mad Scientist”!

Materials needed:
• Pair of glasses or protective eyewear
• Dark pants
• White lab coat

Step 1: Put on the pants, the lab coat and the eyewear. Mess up your hair, the wilder it looks the better—hairspray is particularly effective at getting it to stay outrageously big.

Step 2: You can also take along beakers and test tubes if you have some handy. Whether you want to look like Albert Einstein of Doc Brown from Back to the Future, you can do it without a lot of effort or expense.

4. Jelly Beans

diy kid halloween costume

This simple, DIY costumes is almost completely stress free. Just a few simple items, a little lung power, and you’re all set.

Materials needed:
• Transparent garbage bag
• Colorful balloons
• Colored ribbon (your choice in color)
• Jelly Belly logo printed on a piece of paper
• Scissors
• Tape, glue, or hot glue

Step 1: Blow up your balloons first. Fill them only about ¼ of the way so they look like small jelly beans. Be sure not to overfill the bag so there is room to move around and sit down.

Step 2: Lay the bag flat and cut two circles at the bottom for legs holes. The holes don’t have to be perfect. No one will see them. Then pull the bag up to see where holes need to be cut for the arms. These don’t have to be perfect either. This is also when you can attach the logo printed on paper onto the bag.

Step 4: Step into the bag. Fill it with the balloons. Arrange the bag around the neckline so that it’s comfortable and tie it in place using the ribbon.

Discover your DIY.

Halloween is a time for fun. Creating your own costume or making them for your family can add to the celebration. You can be creative with fabrics, art supplies, ribbons and so much more. It might even be the prefect time to learn new crafts. The best part of a Halloween costume is wearing it. And with some simple ideas and creativity, you can wear something truly unique that doesn’t break the bank.