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Come fall-time, it can be tempting to hit up every single seasonal activity: apple picking, hayrides, state fairs. While those can be a lot of fun, they often cost a lot more money than you want to spend. If you’re looking to celebrate the season, while sticking to your budget, here are some cheap or free fall activities you can do with the whole family!


1) Decorate with pumpkins

Carving or decorating pumpkins is a classic fall-time activity that doesn’t have to be limited to Halloween! Use what you have on hand to decorate—if you already have the tools to carve out pumpkins, use those! If you don’t have carving tools on hand, but have paints or stickers, use those! Get creative and use what you have to decorate pumpkins without breaking the bank.


2) Find a free football game

Football season is an exciting time of year, but not everyone wants to, or can, drop hundreds of dollars to see an NFL game. Scout out local college and high school football games instead! These are often much cheaper, or even free, to get into and the players will greatly appreciate your support.


3) Bake something fall-themed

Baking something as a family is a fun way to bond with your loved ones while also enjoying a delicious treat. Consider baking pumpkin bread, or maybe an apple crisp! Making your own baked goods at home is much cheaper over time than buying something every time you want a little treat.


4) Have a picnic

Bring your home-baked goods and a lunch outside to have a picnic! Enjoy the wonderful fall weather before it’s too cold to eat outside. A home-made meal is 1/3 the price of a restaurant meal, so this is a great way to enjoy new scenery while eating a meal.


5) Take a walking tour of where you live

Take advantage of the wonderful fall weather and go on a walking tour of your town! Your local parks are free, and often have plenty of activities within for the whole family. While exploring your city, you may even find new places you want to check out!


6) Have a fall photoshoot

While on your walking tour, you may consider having a DIY fall photoshoot! Use your phone to snap some cute pics of the whole family in the fall scenery of your hometown. You might even end up with photos for your holiday card!

For more money saving and budgeting tips, browse our CreditAssociates blog! If these tips aren’t enough for you, and you’re concerned about managing your debt, give our certified Debt Consultants a call. We can review with you your financial situation and see if our debt-relief program is right for you.