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How to get started: Couponing to save money

So, you want to start couponing, but you have no idea where to start. The idea of clipping out paper coupons from the newspaper isn’t your idea of a fun night, but you know you need to start saving money on the items you buy every day. Let’s dive into some couponing basics!


1) Start at one store

When you’re first starting to coupon, it can be overwhelming to track down deals at multiple stores. Pick one store you go to frequently and start there. Once you’ve got one store figured out, you can then start couponing at others.


2) Sign up for the loyalty program

Once you’ve decided on the store you want to focus on, sign up for their loyalty program. Many places keep their coupons hidden inside their apps, such as Target, so it’s best to download these and create an account. Some loyalty programs even offer cashback for every purchase, so make sure to take advantage!


3) Free coupon websites

There are plenty of coupon sites that allow you to print their coupons for free. While it may seem time-consuming, taking just 30 minutes a week to peruse and print out coupons for what you need can be very helpful. Taking advantage of these (along with our next tip) will help you max out your savings potential.


4) Learn to stack coupons

Most stores will allow you to stack your coupons. What does that mean? Well, there’s two major kinds of coupons: store coupons and manufacturer coupons. Store coupons are issued by the store you’re shopping at, and usually are for a percentage off the price of an item. Manufacturer coupons are issued by the company that makes the item, and usually are for dollars off the item price. Most stores will let you use both the percentage off, and the dollars off, on the same item for maximum savings!


5) Only buy what you need

There is a temptation, once you start couponing, to buy anything and everything you have a coupon for. Resist this urge! Couponing is to help you save money, and spending money on things you don’t need just because they’re cheaper than usual isn’t saving money in the long run. Stick to coupons for what you already need on a regular basis.

For more money saving and budgeting tips, browse our CreditAssociates blog! If these tips aren’t enough for you, and you’re concerned about managing your debt, give our certified Debt Consultants a call. We can review with you your financial situation and see if our debt-relief program is right for you.