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What’s the point? Is it worth it? These are common sentiments when people are considering whether to start saving. There are many reasons why it’s important to save, some more obvious than others. Read on to learn more! 

Eight Reasons You Should Save Money

If you’re considering saving money, but need some reasons why it’s a good idea, then you’ve come to the right place. Below we are reviewing over eight great reasons to start saving. 

Freedom To Pursue Your Dreams

Saving money could give you the freedom to pursue your dreams. Whether you want to travel the world or start your own business, saving money could help you achieve what you’ve always wanted to do. By putting aside a little bit every month, those savings can quickly add up and help you start checking off your bucket list.

Long-Term Security

Building long-term security is the No. 1 reason why it is important to save money. No matter how much you make, there are always monthly expenses that need to be paid. If something happens and your income suddenly stops or gets cut back, a savings account could be the safety net you need to help carry you through until things get back on track.


Life happens, but it doesn’t need to catch you off guard. Building up an emergency fund will help you to be prepared for whatever life throws at you and helps reduce stress. We recommend setting aside at least three months of savings for an emergency fund.

Peace Of Mind

Living paycheck to paycheck without a backup plan can cause a lot of stress. Having a savings account could help relieve some of that financial pressure and support greater peace of mind. Building up your savings could provide you comfort knowing that if something unexpected comes up that you will be financially covered.

Helping Others

Whether it’s giving back to your community or helping a loved one during difficult times, having extra money in the bank could enable you to help others. In addition to being a blessing to those you are helping, donations to nonprofits can be tax-beneficial.

Leaving A Financial Legacy

In addition to the positive impact you can have on those around you, having a financial legacy could provide security for your loved ones after you pass. When it is time to settle up your estate, money in savings can help cover expenses and provide a much-needed financial boost to your loved ones.

Big Purchases

Having extra money set aside for big purchases is always a good idea. Whether it’s used for buying or fixing your car, purchasing appliances, or getting that new roof you need on the house, having some extra cash will help provide peace of mind and allow these major expenses to not put as much stress on other areas of your financial life.

Home Ownership

Owning a home is a dream come true for many people and can also serve as a great investment opportunity. However, the costs of owning a home can be extremely high. Saving money could help you afford the home you want and pay for any repairs that come up.

How Can CreditAssociates Help?

If you’re struggling to find freedom in your budget to start saving, let CreditAssociates help you! If you’re struggling with debt, we could help you become debt-free for a fraction of what you owe. Our certified debt consultants can walk you through our process and help you find out how much you could save with our debt settlement program. This consultation is free and requires NO commitment.

Common Questions About Saving Money:

Why is it difficult to save money?

Saving money can be difficult because it can be hard to prioritize saving money when you are also working to pay off debt, which is the case for many. If you’re struggling to save because you’re trying to pay down debt, debt relief could be a good option for you. Debt settlement is a form of debt relief that could help you become debt-free for less than you owe. Check out this Debt Savings Calculator to see how much you could save. 

What are the consequences of not saving money?

Not saving money could lead to a variety of financial problems. For example, if you don’t save money for emergencies and find yourself with an emergency expense such as medical bills or car repairs, this could lead to serious debt issues!

Should I travel or save money?

Travel can be a great experience, but taking trips can set back your saving goals. If travel is important to you, we recommend building a travel category into your budget and putting away money toward travel. 

What is the best way to budget money?

The most common way to budget is on a monthly basis. This gives you the opportunity to set goals for each month and can help you better understand your spending habits. It also keeps things simple and allows you to adjust your budget on a monthly basis if needed.